Realtime Internet of Things (rIoT) Technology is an advanced technology that provides secure and intelligent connectivity between field devices or controllers and cloud services​  ​​

The Dynamic Duo
Please download our FREE Software for unlimited trial and test / demonstration purposes.  You will need both the rIoT engine and the Explorer to start the project. The Explorer is your configurator and will help you begin setting up a project. For different IoT web services we might recomment ATT's M2X platform. You can set-up a DEMO account for free and add up to 10 devices and up to 100,000 streams of data before the low cost plans are needed.
Download rIoT Engine
Download rIoT Explorer
rIoT Engine
rIot Explorer
To Help You Get Started: 
Here are some PDF Documets that should help you get set-up on your first project. Please feel free to reach out to our team with any questions and we will get them answered RIGHT away..​​ Register for SkyView
Getting Started PDF
3 Steps-3 minutes PDF