Generator Monitoring for Maximum Reliability

For a little as a cup of coffee per day our solution can provide your generators a voice... 
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Historical Trending

Web Based

We provide the Ability to monitor items like Overspeed, Overcrank, Low Fuel and other important aspects of your emergecy generator. We alarm via emial or SMS text.
As events happen you will have an accurate record with a time adn date stamp included and be able to arhive this data if needed for analysis or 
Our rIoT skyview platfom can be utilized from any comeputer to check the status of your assets including the generators and located on the map.

Super Support

Additional Asset Tracking

Business owners

Call us for support with the system as we can help to customize it to you businesses needs. We was to provide solutions that are flexible and work in your enviroment
Make sure you business can function during Power outages and disasters. Don't be suprised when you need it most.. 
Other Assets cna be managed by the same system. You can add:
-Pump Stations
-Security application
-Asset Tracking
-Out building
and others