A City in Virginia

The Problem:
Many Cities have the same challanges. Makeing sutre that their citizens have enough clean drinking water and to make sure it gets distributed to the citizens that need it. One of the ways that growing organizations manage Water purfication and distribution systems is though the use of automation and SCADA visulization.   This allows staff to do more with less and provides real time alarming and notification.
Our Application:
Interface has  implemented a SCADA system that controls flow rates, pump runtimes and station security. The system includes an alarming system which will notify the treatment plant and supervisors when certain events occur. Some of these events include  station intrusion alarms, loss of connectivity and tank levels. These alarms are important for daily operations as alarms can be addressed in a proactive way . Not being notified by any part of the system could be detrimnetal to the water distribution system if left unreported. This application allows for the city to consistently and safely provide water services.